A New Housing Development- for Bats

We were excited to read this article about a home builder in the UK partnering with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to create a conservation minded housing development with wildlife highways for hedgehogs and native shrub and wildflower plantings for pollinators and butterflies. The community also features all kinds of wildlife homes like, “”swift boxes, house martin cups, sparrow boxes, a kingfisher/sand martin bank, a barn owl box, bat roost boxes, a loggery, dragon fly perches, wildlife tunnels, bat hop over points, a shallow invertebrate bay and a bug box at each show home.”    

We appreciated Alok Sharma MP’s quote, “To build more homes in this country, we need to encourage innovative approaches to house building so that new developments complement and enhance, rather than threaten, the local and natural environment.”

If you are interested, you can read more about this community here.


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