Decorate Your Yard in 30 Seconds

What is a garden flag?

Lantern Hill Garden peacock design flag

I will admit that it wasn’t so many years ago that I had no idea what a garden flag was. My grandpa was in the Navy, and I took great pride and care in putting out our family’s American flag. We were Green Bay Packer fans living in Denver, Colorado, and sometimes we would get brave enough to hoist a flag to celebrate one of their victories. I loved putting out those two types of flags, but I had no idea that there were other types out there.

And then one day, I saw a little flag with a Nativity Scene on it and a bright star of Bethlehem in the corner. The flag had vibrant, beautiful colors, and it was such a cheerful Christmas decoration. I have always loved miniature things, and here was this cute flag hanging from a metal flag stand. It was like one of those large flags that hangs down from a flag pole but a smaller version. I was delighted to realize that there were all different styles and themes of these little decorative flags, hummingbirds for spring, beach flip flops for summer, pumpkins for fall, and snowmen for winter.

Now that we have our own line of Lantern Hill flags, it seems like we are always trying to find new places to photograph them. I love setting flags up in new locations and then seeing delight on people’s faces when they notice them. They are little decorative pieces designed to make you smile, and I love that.

A garden flag is 12 inches (one ruler) wide and 18 inches long.

Hopefully this image of a toddler with a garden flag can help put the size in perspective.

Lantern Hill Colorful Owl design

A lot of the flags on the market are printed in such a way that you can read the message from one side, and then the other side looks like a mirror image. I am a perfectionist, and I found myself going out of my way to set up our garden flags in such a way to hide the back so that I wouldn’t have to see the unreadable text.

For Lantern Hill flags, it was very important to me that they would actually be double sided with a message that could be read from both sides. All of the sudden I could set my flags up so that you could see them from the road, but I could also look out our house window and see them too. It is a small change, but suddenly it felt like the flags were twice as useful.

Lantern Hill Welcome Squirrel design

One of the unexpected but nice things about the dual sided printing was that it created a need to use thicker blackout fabric that would prevent the design from bleeding through from one side to the other. This fabric is thicker, softer and more durable than the 300D polyester flags that we were selling from other companies. By setting out to make them truly two sided, the overall quality of the flags improved, and they even draped better on the flag stands.

As a busy mom with a two year old and a seven month old, I sometimes look at my yard and chuckle about what my garden looked like before kids and what it looks like now. It used to be fun to match garden flag designs to the flowers in the garden. Maybe I will get back to the days of doing that, but for now, I love that I can quickly slide the sleeve of a garden flag over a metal stand, and my yard looks pretty and cheerful even if no plants are blooming at the moment.

You can check out our entire collection of flags here .

Lantern Hill Cactus design

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