A Story About Our Flags

After years of retailing other company’s products, we really wanted to follow our dream of launching our own brand of products. The timing seemed right. After the birth of our daughter in February, we were returning to work. We found a factory we wanted to work with. We were thrilled with the quality of the samples we had received. Then my mother in-law passed away. Her death was very unexpected. She had been living with us, taking care of our babies. She got sick on a Monday, and she was gone on Tuesday.

My mother-in-law brought so much love into our lives, and it felt like everything had turned upside down. In the midst of grieving, we started doubting whether the time was really right for us to launch our own brand. We had a two month old baby and an active toddler, and we had just lost someone who was such an important part of our household.

We decided to put the new brand on hold. With decisions like that, sometimes it seems like the universe has other ideas in mind. In the midst of this incredibly difficult time for our family, I started to realize how often the humble garden flag outside our house brought an unprompted smile to my face. Of course a little flag couldn’t make everything better, nothing could do that. Yet, during a time when the grief felt so heavy, I was thankful for any and all little moments of lightness, any small reminders of beauty in the world. When I pulled into our driveway, the garden flag cheerily welcome me home. When I looked out our kitchen window, I would catch myself smiling at the cute design and bright splash of color. That decoration helped brighten some very challenging days for me. A decorative flag is a simple thing, but suddenly it seemed more important than ever to create our own line and send it out into the world.

Sometimes the small things in life can have a big impact. It is our hope that our flags will be beautiful pieces that will bring some joy to your day when you see them.





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