A Piece of Autumn Harvest for Your Yard



In the rolling hills of a country village, people enjoy a bountiful harvest, filling the barns to the brim with plump pumpkins and bushels of apples.

What I like about this design– One of my favorite childhood memories is going to the Harvest Festival at the Littleton Historical Museum’s living history farms every year and picking out pumpkins from their pumpkin patch. It felt like we were going back to harvest time in the 1800’s. This flag brings a small vintage pumpkin patch right to your yard so you can enjoy it all fall. The flag is filled with vibrant colors and intricate details, and my son loves trying to find all of the birds, cats, and flowers in the picture. For a boy who currently loves all things farm related, especially cows and the way that they go moo, this flag is a like a little storybook illustration for our yard.

You can find the flag here.

If you are in the Denver metro area, the Harvest Festival at Littleton Historical Museum is being held Saturday October 14th from 10am to 3pm at:

Littleton Museum
6028 S. Gallup Street
Littleton, Colorado 80120


See more details about the Harvest Festival here.

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