On our first date (a lifetime ago), my husband and I sat at a cafe and talked about how we both dreamed of owning a business. We didn’t know exactly what we would sell, but we wanted it to be something that would make people happy. 

    As we brainstormed about what kind of business to start, we kept coming back to my father in-law’s love of birdwatching. It was so much fun to spend an afternoon on his mountain porch in Woodland Park, Colorado watching all of the hummingbirds he had attracted, or pull out the binoculars and see what types of birds were around that day. 

     In 2013, we launched Lantern Hill  a website where we sold backyard nature products. 

    Sometimes people give me a sort of puzzled look when I say that we sell backyard nature products. I wish that I had a more clear description. It is just that we sell so many different types of things- bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, binoculars, insect houses, garden decor like wind chimes, decorative garden flags, pet memorial stones to remember beloved pets, and even bat houses to aid in bat conservation efforts. The list could keep going. We want to keep adding things that will help you make your backyard habitat even richer.  

    Since we started the website, our family has grown. Now we are parents to a very active two year old son and six month old daughter. As parents, we want our store to help our children appreciate the world around them. Creating beautiful habitats for wildlife isn’t just good for the animals who call your yard home. Part of what we love about backyard nature products, is how much joy they bring to people of all ages. It is delightful to watch our son making the rounds with grandpa, refilling the bird feeders, or excitedly describing the buzzing bees and ladybugs who make our backyard their home. In this busy, fast-paced world, I can’t think of anything more relaxing than taking a moment from the day to drink a cup of tea and watch which birds have stopped by to visit the feeders. 

    Thank you for stopping by to visit our site. We are excited that you are here! If there is anything that we can do to help, please reach our to us at CustomerService@thelanternhill.com