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To Avoid Starving, Bats Drop Their Heart Rates Dramatically

Bats in Panama vary their heart rates dramatically, and that isn’t usual. Researchers have found that a bat’s heart rate varies between 1000 beats per minute when they are flying all of the way down to 200 beats per minute when they are resting….

The Best Ways to Go Leaf Peeping in Colorado

Did you know that traveling to look at and photograph fall leaves is called leaf peeping? Here in Colorado, the golden Aspen are absolutely magnificent in the fall. Here are some ideas of where to go and how to see this year’s fall foliage:…

This Tree Company Is Doing Something Cool

  One of the challenges of bat house installation, is that they should be mounted a minimum of 12 feet off the ground with 15 to 20 feet being ideal. Given the large size of bat houses, it can certainly be challenging to safely…

A New Blog for a New Season

This is the post excerpt.